you have to love these easy fixes… Applies to

  • 1996-00 Civic – All
  • 1997-01 CR-V – All
  • 1997-01 Prelude – All
  • 1998-02 Accord – All

Symptom – The brake system indicator comes on after a cold start,
then goes off after a few minutes of driving. Probable Cause – The master cylinder reservoir filter is not allowing the cap to vent properly,
causing the fluid level in the filter to change. Replace the master cylinder reservoir filter.

  • Master Cylinder Reservoir Filter: P/N 46666-D04-J02, H/C 7602899
  • Float: P/N 46662-S84-999, H/C 5896766Float: P/N 46662-S84-999, H/C 5896766