I should’ve made the most out of it. No, I should’ve rested more.
I’m not entirely sure what I needed. But driving to Los Angeles then to Phoenix, then to Sedona and all the way back to S.F. Bay Area isn’t something that people do daily. I guess I can call that a vacation. Everytime I go down to Los Angeles isn’t quite a vacation. Yes, I get to sleep in a bit, wake up when I want to, and even wear whatever the heck I want to. But mostly, I’m a contractor working for my dad. Well, I get paid in FOOD and SHELTER. No other benefits there.
Phoenix (or Scottsdale) is the only area I know I can imagine a ‘vacation’. Sad to say, but truely. Somewhere HOMEY.. what’s homier than Sister KAREN’s Place, right?  watch whatever’s on TV — they had CSI medly or something, won’t stop playing that show! sit by the pool or even go for a swim.
Besides the fact that I can simply wear t-shirt, lay flat on the ground or backyard and stare at the bejeweled sky,
full of dazzling stars,
mystifying marks,
and unimaginable history…
Sometimes, just simply jumping into the pool like you are 5 year-old does the simple trick… of creating the perfect vacation 🙂