USB Charging Station.. no more Hub, just charge!

I was given a task.  For company event, we were gonna make some sort of “Charging Station”.

I bought this 10 port USB Hub (BH049)thinking that it’s ideal~  enough ports, and powered, etc etc.  But ran into a slight problem..

in order to use it as charger, the USB standard plug B had to be plugged into a computer that is ON.    BOOOO!!!!

after doing some research online, I picked up some screw drivers, and a soldering iron (USB POWERED!)


first, open up the hub and DESTROY the circuit trace for USB pin 2 and 3.


second, use the soldering iron and short the USB pin 2 and 3 together

repeat for all 10 ports, re-assemble them together!

TADAA~~ NERD!   i had to use mine to take pic with. but it’ll charge 🙂


now. . .  the 10 port hub will NOT work for hub.  it will JUST become a charging station!

i will NOT be responsible if you try it and it destroys your device.  i will NOT be responsible for you stupidly burning down your house.  DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!    of course, it voids any warranty on the hub, DUH!

9 thoughts on “USB Charging Station.. no more Hub, just charge!”

  1. when i do step one nothing happens. i have destroyed the trace in the right spot but it still requires it to be plugged into the comp. ???

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