AppleTV Cuts off? Cheap-O HDMI!!!

Recently, I received an AppleTV. I’ve noticed that there were frequent statics and sounds being cut out. Very hard to watch shows, sports, movies, even listen to iTunes Radio!

I’ve been googling around to see if there were any ‘cure’ for my AppleTV issue.

here’s what it comes down to.
I was using “poor quality” cable! I had gotten this “super economic” 25ft HDMI cable from Meritline and following was occurring.

and guess what… I didn’t even get ‘that high of quality’ cable. Just went to Costco and picked up 6 Ft HDMI Cable Kit and the PROBLEM IS GONE!!!

So, before you think you have defective AppleTV (which I did..), or obsolete TV (which I do), try swapping the HDMI cable and get your HDMI Cables!