MS20 Tabletop Photo Studio Kit with 5000K Lighting

yea yea yea, I didn’t DIY.. I ended up buying this miniaturize skateboard ramp. I think it’s still cool.


The package it came with was a mess. OK, I tore it up..  but they didn’t need to send a box inside a box!  For some reason, the box with the FRAGILE label was INSIDE the other one… defeats the purpose in my opinion, but nothing was damaged when it arrived.  The instructions were horrific.  I’m used to IKEA instructions if you know what I mean..  no words, all drawings.  I did read one part; rate us 5 stars and we’ll send you replacement bulb!  wait…  isn’t that sorta cheating?  I’m gonna give them 5 stars just to receive free replacement bulb even though their product suck?  Not that I’m saying this product sucks…

there are plenty of YouTube clips showing how you can assemble it and techniques.  but who cares!  if you know how to use a chopstick, you can figure it out.  If you know how to fold your laundry, you can figure this out.  If you know how to wipe your bu…………..



My setup was simple.  Light, Camera,  click.   *pew pew! pew !


Here are some test results.  These are raw files right off my Canon 60D.



I’m not sure what I think about background showing up grey.. perhaps my whitebalance was off.. or the bulb that comes with (5000k lighting) isn’t bright enough…  come to think of it, I do think my whitebalance is off…  and freak..  I donno where I put my grey card………


like Jeremy Clarkson says “More POWAH!!!!”   I thought “More LIGHT!!!”

brought out my SpeedLite 580ex ii, positioned it as image below and set to remote fire!

yes, my speedlite has GaryFong diffuser on it…  No, I don’t know how to ‘USE’ it.   Yes, I think you should totally get one for yourself.  No, i’m not ‘giving’ you mine!   Yes, I’d appreciate it if you leave me alone about Gary Fong at this point

soooooo……….MORE POWAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  (actually, i set the flash expo pretty low…)

I shot this at too shallow depth-of-field.. but you get the point.


I’m having fun 🙂

I’ll be posting more photos sometime later.  comment if you like, ciao