Air Canada Reservation Line… HOUR WAIT!

Air Canada Reservations

1-888-247-2262 Toll free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week <– (YEA RIGHT!!!)

Can you believe these guys?  Air Canada’s reservation’s wait time took an HOUR.    How are they making money?  Don’t they want my money?  Don’t they want to sell me their plane ticket?

I had originally booked the ticket through a travel agency, decent price.  We received a call from the travel agency that our plane departing on the original date had been cancelled.  “WHOA!  CANCELLED?”

Knowing that plane is still about 2 months out, I guess it is very probable that flight can be cancelled for whatever reason it may be.  Ok, I give them that.. Understandable…    What shocked me was a bit of information that travel agency told us.

Travel Agency is nice enough to check frequently what flights get cancelled and update the customer if they are on that plane.  If we would’ve bought the ticket online, directly from Air Canada, we wouldn’t have been informed at all.  This is a classic scenario of us showing up at the gate and finding out the flight is CANCELLED.  Air Canada do NOT notify any passengers directly and inform of them the cancelled flights!


The reservation agent wasn’t apologetic at all regarding the hour wait nor the cancellation of the flight.

she gave us three choices.

  • Fly the day before, needs to go through travel agency
  • Fly the day after, needs to go through travel agency
  • Cancel your flight, refund will take 4 to 6 weeks.

she said the flights before and after the original date we scheduled for were pretty empty.  Made me wonder..  did they just “CANned” my original flight because not enough customers were on it?

I asked for any accommodation if they can provide, she said no, and hung up.