what do I do with old iPhone 30pin docking station….

Since I upgraded to the iPhone 5s, I was unable to utilize the iPhone 30pin docks next to my bed side.

well well well, look what I ran into.

It’s not perfect, solution for audio docking does not work. only works for charging, but HEY! it’s better than junking it.


I found this on the web. 30 pin to 8pin lightening convert ‘certified’

Now now, there’s a lot of products out there that is NOT Apple certified cable. On iPhone 5’s, those non-certified cable will alert you that the cable is NOT certified, however continues to provide charge. On iPhone 5s, that was not even the case. With un-certified cable, just no love!

Make sure to get the one that’s compatible with certified pins.


I know this looks bit funny, and you are welcome to get longer/short cable on your needs,

But hey, did the trick for me.

Charging my iPhone 5s without any Certified Cable error 🙂