Goodbye old buddy! You’ve been an awesome friend, shelter and my wings for past 13 years. You’ve taught me how to be angry at times with your stupid issues, stripped bolts, and broken parts. You’ve taught me how to be patient with simple tune ups. You’ve taught me how to be more analytical resolving any mechanics. You’ve taught me how to accept the flaws with your aesthetics. You’ve also taught me how to hate but to cherish and care. With your level of service, you also taught me to how to love. You’ve given me chance to roam the endless roads, and came to be a companion who simply listens. You provided place to sleep, eat, and sing. You gave me hopes and joy. You made me part of who I am today. We had a great 153k run together, and I hope you continue your journey providing the same for the very next person. I’ll miss you.