Swine Flu? alert raises to Level 5?

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that’s not a fun news?! this influenza pandemic is literally spreading fast!  

Many people are argueing, it’s a FLU like any other ones!  well the fact that they can be identified as swine virus and is being spreading fast throughout the world is already freaky enough.  People were freaking out when Internet spread out like viruses,  computers were evolving through our culture.  So, it’s totally okay to freak out on something that spreads fast like Swine Flu.  FLU?  screw that!  coughing, nausea, diarrhea, vomitting, nasal congestion, headache, lack of appetite, dizzyness, ……     you may need ‘everything’ on the wall of CVS to feel better!  I don’t want it!  

what a great era to live in.  Hurricane, Global Warming, Computer Virus, Fire,  Typhoon, War, Flood, Pandemic,….   i can’t wait til Alien Invasion…